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If you believe that more can and must be done to end the Veteran suicide epidemic, we invite you to consider taking our Pledge, sharing your expertise or donating your time or money to furthering our cause. Please use the form below if you would like to get involved or click on Donate to make a contribution.

Share Your Story

Only one percent of all Americans serve in the military. As part of our Awareness campaign, we are collecting stories of Veterans and their families whose lives have been touched by suicide or who have struggled with post traumatic stress, depression and other mental health challenges upon separating from military service. If you would like to share your story with us, please use the form below.

Take the Pledge 

There is power in numbers. Our goal is to enlist millions of Americans in support of our work to urge the mental health profession and our government officials to urgently address this national tragedy. If you agree, please add your voice using the form below.

I am grateful for the service and sacrifice of America’s Veterans.

I believe those who have served on our behalf have earned accessible, comprehensive and proactive mental health screening and care.

I support the efforts of the Coalition to End Veteran Suicide and add my voice and vote to help end the Veteran suicide epidemic as a matter of national urgency.

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