Currently, more than 22 Veterans take their own lives every day. That adds up to more than 8,000 suicides per year and more than 65,000 deaths since the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan began. Billions of dollars are spent designing, developing and delivering services for Veterans and their family members every year, yet this tragic epidemic rages on.

The Coalition to End Veteran Suicide is a non-profit, non-partisan organization formed to reverse this trend. As a matter of national urgency, we will bring together Veterans service organizations and other non-profits, the military community, business, community groups and concerned citizens in support of our Veterans in three key areas: Awareness, Access and Care.

Awareness: Improve understanding and recognition of military and Veterans mental health issues and culture, especially among primary care and civilian providers, families, friends and colleagues.

Access: Increase availability of military mental health services among VA, primary care and civilian providers, ensure confidentiality and decrease barriers to care, including reducing negative stereotypes of treatment.

Care: Ensure that all mental health practitioners are properly trained in military health and culture and that Veterans recieve appropriate care based on clinical/best practice guidelines.